NON OILY FORMULA: While other activated charcoal scrubs simply clog your pores with a nasty black film on your skin - the Sugaring Factory scrub is sugar based, to effectively pull dirt from your pores and rejuvenates your skin leaving you looking your best VISIBLY SMALLER PORES: After the charcoal scrub removes dead skin, dirt and grime from your pores, they will be visibly smaller. Use the fa...
Relaxation - The personal massager has 10 vibration mood and each moods has 5 level power strength, it can effectively reduce your stress. Whether you use it for physical or intimate pleasure it will put you into a relaxing state of mind. Ease Muscle Pain - With the variety of pulsations and vibrations you will be able to get those knots out and ease the muscle tension after a hard workout or a...
Brand new
SPINNING BLADES SYSTEM This product features a dual-edge spinning blades system with protective cover, inner 360 rotating design, which precisely remove the hairs without painful and unpleasant pulling. WHOLE BODY WASHABLE IPX6 Waterproof and Easy Cleansing, Can be used in the shower and makes for an easy rinse off, Washable and removable cutter head, you can twist and take off the blade for cl...
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I have elderberry syrup and gummies available. They are kid tested and toddler approved! My immune system is constantly down. A 24 hour bug for the kids will have me down for days. These help shorten the length of illness and act as preventative medicine as well. If you spend your winters fighting colds, flu, and the crud then you have to try it! $18 for an 8oz jar of syrup or 50 gummies. PM me...
1 - 4.2 fluid ounce - $15 (retail $30) 3 - 1.7 fluid ounce - $8 (retail $15) All for $35
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Benefits of Face Massage Upon visiting the spa, I often wondered why do people get a facial massage done? What role does it play in cleansing the face or the system? How does it benefit the skin and improve the overall appearance? I spoke to a few Ayurvedic beauty experts at Kansa Organics. Read below to find out what theyhad to say: Facial Massage Stimulates Blood Circulation: Facial massage p...
The Best Traditional Ayurvedic Massage Tools Muscle ache? For some people, exercising, stretching or long soaks in sea-salt laden tubs might solve the problem of reducing muscular pain, but others might need a more hands-on approach: massage. However, going to a therapist might not be feasible time after time. Here is where self-massage tools come in. Many people select their home massage tools...
Unopened Beautycounter tiny skin hydrating foundation in Linen
RA BOCK EENT (Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat) kit. Brand new. USED once during clinical on a fellow student during skills check off testing/finals week. WORKS WONDERFULLY. Goes new for 115$. Porch pickup
Excellent condition. Comes with Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon medallion. Smoke free home. Pink tubing.
Opened once to see color , Doesn t match my skin tone
Selling off Inventory. Retails for $12 plus tax. Strawberry Cream. PPU.
Selling Inventory. Shy Blush. Retails for $12 plus tax. PPU.
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