Meet Paula, she has a high IQ and wont fall for any of that nonsense from the boys. She wants someone who has ambitions to give her a bright future. Think you got what it takes to give her a home? Email
This is Brutus. For being such a big strapping attractive man he sure screams like a little girl when you pick him up. He has been nicknamed "Mr Dramatic" To adopt Brutus email
This is June, she was found during hurricane flornece. She is looking for long walks in the grass and bug catching sunset adventures. If you think you are a match for June please email us
This is Sasha, she has an adventurous side. She wants a home that gives her some freedom to cause trouble at every whim. Her favorite thing is to sling dirt to the water dishes and run away laughing. She has been featured on the "Chicken shaming" cha...