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Idle Stabilizer module for Vanagon. The electolitic capacitors have been replaced.
New Magnetic Vinyl door handle guards which are custom cut for Vanagons, set of 3 (one each for the front doors and one for the sliding door). White. Paintable. Black vinyl is also availible. Protect your paint. 1st class shipping is free
Replacement Vanagon sun-visor mounting sockets. Made from durable, strong and flexible nylon. Perfectly replicates the original part's angle and mechanical pivot. Clicks tightly into place and holds securely. Left is driver's side, right is passenger's side. Order directly from Shapeways Here is the link:
Perfect Steel Spare for Vanagons that have installed 15" alloys. Correct size and offset (33 ET) . The center hub is 57mm and will need to be machined opened to 66.6mm to fit. Included are 5 new 14mm chromed lug nuts with the appropriate ball radius seat.
Vanagon grab handle mounts made from resilient nylon will allow you to add an OEM grab handle to the drivers side A pillar . These mounts fit perfectly and place the grab handle at the perfect angle. They are identical to the passenger side mounts and can be interchanged to replace a missing or broken, or cracked mount. The grab handle is not included. A template to facilitate installing these ...
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